The 5 Best and Worst Markets in Job Growth

Ellie Perlman
4 min readMar 21, 2022

Job growth is looking positive, and some significant milestones have recently been achieved. The Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate fell to 3.8% in February, the lowest we’ve seen since the pandemic began. In addition, US employers added in 678,000 jobs. Demand for employees has been high, and it appears the workforce is now rebounding and rising to the call. This is a critical factor for real estate investors, as the workforce is generally the tenant base for multifamily housing; with a strengthening workforce, landlords can now begin to collect on past rents, help bring tenants current, and return to stabilizing their properties.

Which markets are seeing the most progress, and which are still struggling?

The 5 States with the Highest Job Growth:

5. Atlanta, GA

Year Over Year Job Growth: 5.1%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 19.7%

Percentage of Renters: 20.7%

4. Miami, FL

Year Over Year Job Growth: 5.2%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 27%

Percentage of Renters: 28.69%

3. Phoenix, AZ

Year Over Year Job Growth: 6.2%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 25.4%

Percentage of Renters: 21%

2. Orlando, FL

Year Over Year Job Growth: 6.7%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 25.9%

Percentage of Renters: 25.27%

  1. Austin, TX

Year Over Year Job Growth: 7.3%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 22.2%

Percentage of Renters: 19.67%

The 5 States with the Lowest Job Growth:

5. Kansas City, KS

Year Over Year Job Growth: 4.4%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 8.1%

Percentage of Renters: 16.66%

4. Philadelphia, PA

Year Over Year Job Growth: 4.2%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 11.9%

Percentage of Renters: 18.71%

3. Washington DC

Year Over Year Job Growth: 4.2%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 12.2%

Percentage of Renters: 19.40%

2. Twin Cites, MN

Year Over Year Job Growth: 3.9%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 5.3%

Percentage of Renters: 16.40%

  1. Indianapolis, IN

Year Over Year Job Growth: 2.7%

Year Over Year Rent Growth: 12.9%

Percentage of Renters: 17.89%

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